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Truth  against the  world

Every magical tradition agrees the celestial bodies greatly guide our spiritual development. 


For millennia we absorbed the wisdom of the stars and the planetary spheres. They are some of our most ancient guides and allies in our work. 

To many ancient traditions, the planetary spheres were the physical representations of the gods! 

Now, much of this wisdom has been lost. 


However, for the true seeker it is always available to those who ask. 

And now you can access this wisdom through the ancient science of Vedic astrology. 

Vedic astrology is based on the sidereal zodiac. Did you know there are two types of astrology? 


Western (or tropical) astrology is what most of us in the west are most familiar with. 

It's NOT the most ancient system available. Vedic astrologers have practiced their craft for 10,000+ years while Western Astrology has only been around for the last 2,000. 

Now I'm not here to talk badly about the western tradition, there's tremendous value in it, and understanding BOTH systems are necessary to truly know thyself. 

However, whether you know much about your western chart or not, the Vedic system has rich and powerful insights available, and when coupled with an understanding of the Vedic mythos, it provides a terrific tapestry of treasures of wisdom. 

I learned the particular process I will take you through from a very wise man who has been studying syncretic shamanism for many decades now.


He passed along the knowledge of his lineage to me, and now I have the honor to pass it along to those who choose to learn.

Here's what you'll discover about yourself in this Vedic astrology reading: 

  • The main difference between the Western & Vedic systems and why I find the Vedic system to be more accurate 

  • Why the Vedic system focuses more on your ascendant than your sun sign (This will give you more of an insight if you've never really felt like your sun sign is 100% accurate.) 

  • What the sun sign, ascendant and moon sign represent (Using the "Tree Of Growth" method) 

  • The planet which symbolizes your main karmic journey in this lifetime (Known as your "AtmaKaraka" this is your soul significator and signifies what you came here to accomplish) 

  • The planet which has chosen to be your best friend. This planet is your GREATEST guide and ally. It's always there for you, and working with this planetary energy will yield INCREDIBLE GAINS in your spiritual development. 

  • The fundamentals of working with planetary energies to gain spiritual liberation and how to "call in" the energy of a planet at any time. 

  • Which planet represents your unconscious mind? This is known as your Dharma Devatta and symbolizes the planet which has chosen to guide your path and actions in this life. (It can also reveal your unconscious self-sabotages and stumbling blocks!)

  •  The planet which wants to help you get stuff. Whether it's money, cars, houses, whatever, this planet wants to help you manifest everything you need to experience abundance and freedom. (When I shifted to align with this, I made $1,800 the next day after a long financial dry spell, not saying that will happen for you, but it's possible!) 

  • Which gemstone to wear to remind your soul of it's purpose 

  • The secret spiritual name based on the exact Nakshatra your moon was in at your time of birth. Adopting or incorporating this seed syllable will catch the attention of your mind on a higher dimensional level. 

  • Which planet other people see you as. This is how you show up to the world. It's the costume you wear, and when you wear it well it will bring you fame, success and more trust from everyone around you. 

  • The mantra to use to honor the deity which chose to support you in your Great Work (and a 40 day ritual you can use to allow this deity to work for you.) 

And more! 

I will also look at your chart and see if there's anything you should be aware of about yourself and what your chart says about you. 

My past clients have called this information
"a spiritual orgasm" and "shockingly accurate"... I've quickly gotten used to hearing things like "Wow, this has me nailed exactly!"

I look forward to sharing this incredible science, and the gifts it brings to your awareness with you. It represents some of the most remarkable knowledge I've been entrusted to carry. 

This process takes about an hour.


The fee for this session is $108.

Click the button below to get started now. 

 Read The Minds Of The Gods With This 

 Powerful Ancient Astrological System