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Truth  against the  world






 Discover The Most Advanced  System 

 Of Self Gnosis On The Planet 


Imagine having an owners manual for your energetic system.

And by owners manual I mean knowing EXACTLY what type of person you are, and how you can best interact with others to facilitate maximum flow and ease in all your endeavors. 

This will empower you to formulate a solid strategy based on the type of person you are, guiding you into living in alignment with the path which will give you the best results, and ultimately your joy.  

Human design provides all this and much more. 

In fact, human design can also provide you with a powerful and deep understanding of why you do what you do and what consequences you will suffer by living out of alignment with your design. (This gives you a simple self-correcting mechanism to put you back on track if and when you don't honor your design. It works.) 

Based on astrology, the I-Ching Chinese wisdom system and pure divine inspiration, human design is a gift to humanity. 

When I first discovered my design, suddenly my whole life made sense. 

I was able to start living in alignment with my strategy, I understood my purpose and I was able to connect with others in the way that best served both of us. 

And on top of that I was able to start showing up for others and giving my unique gifts in a way they would actually be received! (Imagine that!) 

In this reading we will go into depth on your entire blueprint using the brilliantly designed human design mandala. You will leave this session with a profound sense of having discovered your true identity, and purpose explained in a modern fashion. 

This process takes about an hour. The fee for this session is $108. 

 Discover The Most Advanced  System 

 Of Self Gnosis On The Planet 

Every magical tradition agrees the celestial bodies greatly guide our spiritual development. 


For millennia we absorbed the wisdom of the stars and the planetary spheres. They are some of our most ancient guides and allies in our work. 

To many ancient traditions, the planetary spheres were the physical representations of the gods! 

Now, much of this wisdom has been lost. 


However, for the true seeker it is always available to those who ask. 

And now you can access this wisdom through the ancient science of Vedic astrology. 

Vedic astrology is based on the sidereal zodiac. Did you know there are two types of astrology? 


Western (or tropical) astrology is what most of us in the west are most familiar with. 

It's NOT the most ancient system available. Vedic astrologers have practiced their craft for 10,000+ years while Western Astrology has only been around for the last 2,000. 

Now I'm not here to shit all over the western tradition, there's tremendous value in it. 

However, whether you know much about your western chart or not, the Vedic system has rich and powerful insights available, and when coupled with an understanding of the Vedic mythos, it provides a terrific tapestry of treasures of wisdom. 

I learned the particular process I will take you through from a very wise man who has been studying syncretic shamanism for many decades now.

He certified me as an authentic 
Thunder Astrologer. 

Here's what you'll discover about yourself in this Vedic astrology reading: 

  • The main difference between the Western & Vedic systems and why I find the Vedic system to be more accurate 

  • Why the Vedic system focuses more on your ascendant than your sun sign (This will give you more of an insight if you've never really felt like your sun sign is 100% accurate.) 

  • What the sun sign, ascendant and moon sign represent (Using the "Tree Of Growth" method) 

  • The planet which symbolizes your main karmic journey in this lifetime (Known as your "AtmaKaraka" this is your soul significator and signifies what you came here to accomplish) 

  • The planet which has chosen to be your best friend. This planet is your GREATEST guide and ally. It's always there for you, and working with this planetary energy will yield INCREDIBLE GAINS in your spiritual development. 

  • The fundamentals of working with planetary energies to gain spiritual liberation and how to "call in" the energy of a planet at any time. 

  • Which planet represents your unconscious mind? This is known as your Dharma Devatta and symbolizes the planet which has chosen to guide your path and actions in this life. (It can also reveal your unconscious self-sabotages and stumbling blocks!)

  •  The planet which wants to help you get stuff. Whether it's money, cars, houses, whatever, this planet wants to help you manifest everything you need to experience abundance and freedom. (When I shifted to align with this, I made $1,800 the next day after a long financial dry spell, not saying that will happen for you, but it's possible!) 

  • Which gemstone to wear to remind your soul of it's purpose 

  • The secret spiritual name based on the exact Nakshatra your moon was in at your time of birth. Adopting or incorporating this seed syllable will catch the attention of your mind on a higher dimensional level. 

  • Which planet other people see you as. This is how you show up to the world. It's the costume you wear, and when you wear it well it will bring you fame, success and more trust from everyone around you. 

  • The mantra to use to honor the deity which chose to support you in your Great Work (and a 40 day ritual you can use to allow this deity to work for you.) 

And more! 

I will also look at your chart and see if there's anything you should be aware of about yourself and what your chart says about you. 

My past clients have called this information
"a spiritual orgasm" and "shockingly accurate"... I've quickly gotten used to hearing things like "Wow, this has me nailed exactly!"

I look forward to sharing this incredible science, and the gifts it brings to your awareness with you. It represents some of the most remarkable knowledge I've been entrusted to carry. 

This process takes about an hour. The fee for this session is $108.

 Read The Minds Of The Gods With This

Powerful Ancient Astrological System 

The runes of the Elder Futhark are one of the most ancient languages of seed syllables and divination systems we have access to. 

As a gift from the Great Brotherhoods of the North, who know the Serpent and the Eagle, and the pantheon of the Indo-European tribes, I am thrilled to offer this service of initiating you into the powerful magickal tradition of the Elder Futhark runes. 

There's really no limit how you can use these remarkable gifts. 

You can chant them to usher in the powerful eternal energies associated with each one... 

You will see the pathway to power as you learn why the Elder Futhark follows it's particular order... 

You can use them for divination... discovering what energy is coming to you, what's blocking you, what action you need to take, what the ancestors want you to know, how you give to others and more... 

Yes, the runes are an ancient and powerful wisdom tradition. 


Their energies are EXTREMELY POTENT and working with these energies will create dramatic shifts in your reality. Even learning the tradition will ignite a special kind of fire in your soul which can never be quenched. 

If you have any Indo-European DNA then you will feel more connected to your ancestral lineage, you will have an incredible arsenal of powerful vibrational tools to use at your leisure, and you will re-member your wizardry on a deeper level. 

As such, please be 100% certain you are ready to make massive strides in your life, and embrace the chaos which may result as the old systems crumble out of your reality. 

In this initiation I will explain each rune to you, passing along the oral tradition of the northern tribes, share the divinatory meaning and teach you how to chant each one. 

I am also going to include a complimentary 9-world rune reading in this session, showing you firsthand how eerily accurate the runes are as guides on our journey. 

This takes about 3 hours.


The fee for the runic initiation is $333. 

f u x a r k w

h n i j y p z s

t b e m l   d o

 Re-connect with the ancient runic tradition 

 to remember your ancestral Magick



 Initiate Yourself Into The Sacred   Society Of Artists Healing Gaia 

Make Magic Great Again!

There is a hidden language which rules the world. 

Once you know it, you know how to re-code reality. 

For millennia, secret societies have woven their agendas into our collective consciousness field from behind the scenes using this language. 

Right now, the time of secret societies is over ...  and the time of SACRED societies is upon us. 


The first step is knowledge of how you can impact and influence reality. 

The second step is to dare to step outside the box of "reality." 

The third step is to consciously develop and purify your WILL. (Not surrendering it, but cultivating it and strengthening it while cleansing your intentions 

The fourth step is to share this light and pass along your wisdom, becoming the source point for higher consciousness and elevation of the human experience. 

When you have a firm vision of what you are creating, and why it matters, and you are free from unconscious creative blocks, then you will be a shamanic artist. 


Sound like fun? 


Well, hold your horses. The alchemical process to access your artist involves first diving DEEP into your own unconscious, and uprooting all the programs which have held you hostage to your own hell. 

Because for a creative person to be anything less than fully self expressed is to exist in hell. 

And once you start on this journey, you might notice just
how much you've been holding yourself back. 

So our first step in this activation brings forth the part of you which exists in direct connection to creator source. You will tap into the eternal force, which exists beyond it all, and work to heal your integration of your eternal soul. 

And your reality will never be the same. 


Because once you understand, inner-stand and over-stand the principles presented in this course you will expand your thinking to integrate your cosmic inheritance. 

You will start to realize we are not destined to be sheep, or empty husks waiting for something outside us to define us and refine us. The work falls upon US. 

If you wish to grow, and you wish to see the world in a better state than when you came into it, it's up to YOU to make it happen. 

Most people do not create a universe they are proud of, even in their own minds.


And then they pass out of this life and into the next one, without having ever really dug past the surface and into the majestic expansive space of possibility. What could be will never be unless YOU say so. 


And the act of using this divine will you have been entrusted with, to heal the planet, to heal others, to heal yourself, to heal ancestral karma, to heal the energetic fields of our world...  to heal Gaia... well, that's what being a Shamanic Artist is all about. Not just painting a fucking pillowcase smoking a cigarette or some bullshit. 

No, creating POWERFUL images which evoke eternity through the eyes of beholders. 

YOU have the ability to do this. 

I guarantee it. 

Especially if your personal planetary blueprint lends itself towards this disposition, which is something we will find out on this journey. 

So, if you're ready to step up, get in the game and conduct your cosmic symphony with HONOR and HEALING as your goal, then it's time to take action. 

It's time to activate your innate potential now. 

The artist activation costs $999. 

The process takes 30 days.

There will be some videos which are required watching and two deep discussions, meditations and exercises. 

The door is here for you now, it's up to you to step through it.