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Truth  against the  world

The runes of the Elder Futhark are one of the most ancient languages of seed syllables and divination systems we have access to. 

As a gift from the Great Brotherhoods of the North, who know the Serpent and the Eagle, and the pantheon of the Indo-European tribes, I am thrilled to offer this service of initiating you into the powerful magickal tradition of the Elder Futhark runes. 

There's really no limit how you can use these remarkable gifts. 

You can chant them to usher in the powerful eternal energies associated with each one... 

You will see the pathway to power as you learn why the Elder Futhark follows it's particular order... 

You can use them for divination... discovering what energy is coming to you, what's blocking you, what action you need to take, what the ancestors want you to know, how you give to others and more... 

Yes, the runes are an ancient and powerful wisdom tradition. 


Their energies are EXTREMELY POTENT and working with these energies will create dramatic shifts in your reality. Even learning the tradition will ignite a special kind of fire in your soul which can never be quenched. 

If you have any Indo-European DNA then you will feel more connected to your ancestral lineage, you will have an incredible arsenal of powerful vibrational tools to use at your leisure, and you will re-member your wizardry on a deeper level. 

As such, please be 100% certain you are ready to make massive strides in your life, and embrace the chaos which may result as the old systems crumble out of your reality. 

In this initiation I will explain each rune to you, passing along the oral tradition of the northern tribes, share the divinatory meaning and teach you how to chant each one. 

I am also going to include a complimentary 9-world rune reading in this session, showing you firsthand how eerily accurate the runes are as guides on our journey. 

This takes about 3 hours.


The fee for the runic initiation is regularly $333.


Click the button below to get started now. 

f u x a r k w

h n i j y p z s

t b e m l   d o

 Re-connect with the ancient runic tradition 

 to remember your ancestral Magick