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Truth  against the  world

 Know Your Magick

Dear Artist,

Before you read this page, consider this short story. 

Two men set out to build a house. 

The first took careful inventory of all the materials he had available, he devised a strategy and set out with great intention to create something beautiful, with a deep awareness of his own skills and limitations. 

The second, eager to get started, started slapping materials together just "going with the flow" without taking the time to figure out what he had to work with, or formulate a plan. 

Now, just based on that information alone... which house would YOU rather live in? 

Probably the first. 

Yet so many attempt to build a life without the fundamental knowledge of
who they are, and why they are here... or knowing what their unique skills, talents and abilities are. 

Well intentioned seekers flounder about on spiritual loops, watching video after video, reading book after book, and all the while never knowing their core essence. 

How can anyone like that EVER weave a dream worth living? 

If you don't know who you are and where you've been, how can you possibly have any clue where you are going? 

And I know firsthand how frustrating this loop can be.


Because I spent years doing this. 

Looking outside of myself for the answers. Trying to live up to others expectations, attempting to "dissolve my ego" and sacrificing my soul's desire for "service to the collective."

I thought I could save the world, and the world would save me back. 

It took a deep depression and honest discussion with death for me to wake up from this self-imposed matrix of slavery. 

I realized I fucking HATED myself... I loathed myself... 

Self-destructive tendencies ruled my reality. 

Suicidal thoughts ruled my mind.  

I had to go DEEP into my own darkness and journey through my own
 underworld to realize the true value of life. 

This path of self-discovery allowed me to show up and give my gifts in an authentic, honest and sincere way. In a way that feels good.

In other words, I chose to dance the dance of my destiny. 

Which brings us to the first words on this page. 

You might remember in The Matrix, when Neo first goes to visit the Oracle she has this sign hanging above her door. It says "Temet Nosce" 

It's Latin. It means "Know Thyself"

However, the root of the saying goes back way before The Matrix, back to the ancient mystery schools. The whole saying goes like this: 

"Know thyself and you will know the universe and the gods."

Yet looking at the world right now you can see multitudes of people going about this the opposite way... they're trying to know the universe or to know God and allow that to dictate who they are and what they should do. 

They got it ass-backwards! 

Which will ONLY lead to giving away your power, and denying the divinity inside.


Because the heavens above are INSIDE you! 


Because the divine spark of creation lives in you, and until you dig through the bullshit and find it, you will continue to dance to the beat of someone else's drums, at the expense of your own soulsong... and if you're here reading this right now, then chances are that's not good enough for you. 

 You are ready 

 for more NOW 

You are ready to KNOW your path, and be absolutely fucking certain of it... unwavering in your commitment despite all the slings and arrows the world throws at you. 

You want to be grounded and centered in your own unique blueprint, so you can fulfill your purpose and the reason why you incarnated here in the first place. 

And it all starts with knowledge. 

Deep knowledge. 

Which can then be translated into right action, via your personal expression of your wisdom.

And the ONLY way to do this is to commit to it. 

Once you do that, then the pieces of the puzzle will begin to unfold for you, and you will gain insight, clarity and certainty which will make you unfuckwithable.

Sure you may still step off the path, and abandon your SELF, and forget your connection to CREATOR SOURCE, from time to time, but once you're done torturing yourself with external distractions you'll get right back on it. 


Because once you've tasted the sweet nectar of your dharmic path, nothing else compares.  

The other option is to continue to allow others to define you... society, religion, your parents, well-meaning friends, and media you consume. Keep giving away your power to man, what power is your divine inheritance. That is an option. A stupid option, but an option nonetheless. 

So now, let me ask you, are you ready to commit to yourself that you will discover your TRUE self, and allow the falsehoods to fade? 

If you are, then keep reading. 

If not, I suggest leaving this page and coming back when you are ready. 

Because this next part is only for the sincere seekers. 


 Here's how 

 I Can Support You 

 In Your Great Work 

I would like to introduce you to several systems of gnosis (knowledge) I have found to be extremely useful in the journey of getting to know myself. 

It's a small step on a journey which will last the rest of your lifetime. 

The path of knowing, and mastering your self. 

And via that path, being able to know and master the system mechanics of your reality, so you may show up in TRUE service. Not the distorted version of service which requires you to sacrifice yourself for others. (Martyrdom is lame.) 

If you choose now, I am willing to initiate your journey into three systems which I have found to be extremely valuable in my journey of self-gnosis, which have encouraged me to make decisions based on my personal planetary and energetic blueprint, and empowered me to take bold actions in the direction of my destiny. 

And EVERYTHING depends on you following your destiny. 


It's your ultimate gift to the world and to yourself. 

And knowing your self, and your destiny requires tools and technologies to gain great insight into the depths of your soul's template and develop a clear definition of the art you are here to create.

So I will introduce you to three systems I have found to be invaluable and accurate AF. 

These three systems are: 

  • Human Design 

  • Vedic Astrology 

  • The Runes 

These are available as individual services, and each one is incredibly valuable on it's own... however you can also save a bunch by signing up for the whole bundle to get a significant package discount. 

Know Thyself bundle includes these three systems, a $549 value, for $297.


The process takes about 4 hours to go through, and we will do it over a video conferencing software. Click below to schedule now. 





Or, if you want more information, below I will give you an explanation of what these systems are, and how they will benefit you in ways that muggles can only dream of. 

Let's dive in now. 

Note: All this information IS Available for you elsewhere for free, and you should look into it for yourself.

 I charge for my time, expertise, and extra intuitive insight I give you. I am not "selling spirituality" here, I am providing a service which can significantly shorten your time required to know what these systems will teach you. If you believe "spirituality should be free", and don't yet understand the principle of energy exchange, then I am simply not the teacher for you. Best of luck.

 Are You Ready To Boldly Dance Along 

 The Path Of Your Destiny?  

Imagine having an owners manual for your energetic system.

And by owners manual I mean knowing EXACTLY what type of person you are, and how you can best interact with others to facilitate maximum flow and ease in all your endeavors. 

This will empower you to formulate a solid strategy based on the type of person you are, guiding you into living in alignment with the path which will give you the best results, and ultimately your joy.  

Human design provides all this and much more. 

In fact, human design can also provide you with a powerful and deep understanding of why you do what you do and what consequences you will suffer by living out of alignment with your design. (This gives you a simple self-correcting mechanism to put you back on track if and when you don't honor your design. It works.) 

Based on astrology, the I-Ching Chinese wisdom system and pure divine inspiration, human design is a gift to humanity. 

When I first discovered my design, suddenly my whole life made sense. 

I was able to start living in alignment with my strategy, I understood my purpose and I was able to connect with others in the way that best served both of us. 

And on top of that I was able to start showing up for others and giving my unique gifts in a way they would actually be received! (Imagine that!) 

In this reading we will go into depth on your entire blueprint using the brilliantly designed human design mandala. You will leave this session with a profound sense of having discovered your true identity, and purpose explained in a modern fashion. 

Here's a small glimpse into what you will discover during this reading:  

  • What type of profile you have (Projector, Generator, Manifestor, Manifesting Generator or Reflector) 

  • What your unique strengths are based on the type of profile you have (This will reveal how you can show up in alignment with your highest expression of yourself) 

  • The strategy for how to approach life based on the type of profile you have 

  • Why you need to start living in alignment with your strategy NOW and what you stand to lose if you don't follow it 

  • The "not self" theme that shows up when you aren't living in alignment with the strategy your design dictates for you (This is where all your self-inflicted negative emotions and challenging experiences arise from, it can also explain why you feel frustrated, bitter or angry 

  • Your definition and how it will determine whether you feel complete on your own, or why you might always feel like you need someone else to complete you (AND how to get this "completion" of your channels, without jumping into relationships and "using" other people)

  • Your incarnation cross and how it directs your path and actions in this life (this is an extremely clear description of your dharma, and your unique gifts

  • The biggest way you might be self-sabotaging based off your human design (These can literally cripple your ability to make progress in life, and keep you stuck in cycles for decades unless you know how to deal with yourself effectively) 

This process takes about an hour. The fee for this session is $108, however it is INCLUDED in the Know Thyself bundle. 

 Discover The Most Advanced  System 

 Of Self Gnosis On The Planet 

Every magical tradition agrees the celestial bodies greatly guide our spiritual development. 


For millennia we absorbed the wisdom of the stars and the planetary spheres. They are some of our most ancient guides and allies in our work. 

To many ancient traditions, the planetary spheres were the physical representations of the gods! 

Now, much of this wisdom has been lost. 


However, for the true seeker it is always available to those who ask. 

And now you can access this wisdom through the ancient science of Vedic astrology. 

Vedic astrology is based on the sidereal zodiac. Did you know there are two types of astrology? 


Western (or tropical) astrology is what most of us in the west are most familiar with. 

It's NOT the most ancient system available. Vedic astrologers have practiced their craft for 10,000+ years while Western Astrology has only been around for the last 2,000. 

There is tremendous value in BOTH systems, and you must know BOTH to truly know thyself. 

However, whether you know much about your western chart or not, the Vedic system stands alone with rich and powerful insights, and when coupled with an understanding of the Vedic mythos, it provides a terrific tapestry of treasures of wisdom. 

I learned the particular process I will take you through from a very wise man who has been studying syncretic shamanism for many decades now.

Through his teaching, and the wisdom of his lineage I was able to come into a deep and powerful relationship with this sacred science.

Here's what you'll discover about yourself in this Vedic astrology reading: 

  • The main difference between the Western & Vedic systems and why I find the Vedic system to be more accurate 

  • Why the Vedic system focuses more on your ascendant than your sun sign (This will give you more of an insight if you've never really felt like your sun sign is 100% accurate.) 

  • What the sun sign, ascendant and moon sign represent (Using the "Tree Of Growth" method) 

  • The planet which symbolizes your main karmic journey in this lifetime (Known as your "AtmaKaraka" this is your soul significator and signifies what you came here to accomplish) 

  • The planet which has chosen to be your best friend. This planet is your GREATEST guide and ally. It's always there for you, and working with this planetary energy will yield INCREDIBLE GAINS in your spiritual development. 

  • The fundamentals of working with planetary energies to gain spiritual liberation and how to "call in" the energy of a planet at any time. 

  • Which planet represents your unconscious mind? This is known as your Dharma Devatta and symbolizes the planet which has chosen to guide your path and actions in this life. (It can also reveal your unconscious self-sabotages and stumbling blocks!)

  •  The planet which wants to help you get stuff. Whether it's money, cars, houses, whatever, this planet wants to help you manifest everything you need to experience abundance and freedom. (When I shifted to align with this, I made $1,800 the next day after a long financial dry spell, not saying that will happen for you, but it's possible!) 

  • Which gemstone to wear to remind your soul of it's purpose 

  • The secret spiritual name based on the exact Nakshatra your moon was in at your time of birth. Adopting or incorporating this seed syllable will catch the attention of your mind on a higher dimensional level. 

  • Which planet other people see you as. This is how you show up to the world. It's the costume you wear, and when you wear it well it will bring you fame, success and more trust from everyone around you. 

  • The mantra to use to honor the deity which chose to support you in your Great Work (and a 40 day ritual you can use to allow this deity to work for you.) 

And more! 

I will also look at your chart and see if there's anything you should be aware of about yourself and what your chart says about you. 

My past clients have called this information
"a spiritual orgasm" and "shockingly accurate"... I've quickly gotten used to hearing things like "Wow, this has me nailed exactly!"

I look forward to sharing this incredible science, and the gifts it brings to your awareness with you. It represents some of the most remarkable knowledge I've been entrusted to carry. 

This process takes about an hour. The fee for this session is $108, however it is INCLUDED in the Know Thyself bundle. 

 Read The Minds Of The Gods With This

Powerful Ancient Astrological System 

The runes of the Elder Futhark are one of the most ancient languages of seed syllables and divination systems we have access to. 

As a gift from the Great Brotherhoods of the North, who know the Serpent and the Eagle, and the pantheon of the Indo-European tribes, I am thrilled to offer this service of initiating you into the powerful magickal tradition of the Elder Futhark runes. 

There's really no limit how you can use these remarkable gifts. 

You can chant them to usher in the powerful eternal energies associated with each one... 

You will see the pathway to power as you learn why the Elder Futhark follows it's particular order... 

You can use them for divination... discovering what energy is coming to you, what's blocking you, what action you need to take, what the ancestors want you to know, how you give to others and more... 

Yes, the runes are an ancient and powerful wisdom tradition. 


Their energies are EXTREMELY POTENT and working with these energies will create dramatic shifts in your reality. Even learning the tradition will ignite a special kind of fire in your soul which can never be quenched. 

If you have any Indo-European DNA then you will feel more connected to your ancestral lineage, you will have an incredible arsenal of powerful vibrational tools to use at your leisure, and you will re-member your wizardry on a deeper level. 

As such, please be 100% certain you are ready to make massive strides in your life, and embrace the chaos which may result as the old systems crumble out of your reality. 

In this initiation I will explain each rune to you, passing along the oral tradition of the northern tribes, share the divinatory meaning and teach you how to chant each one. 

I am also going to include a complimentary 9-world rune reading in this session, showing you firsthand how eerily accurate the runes are as guides on our journey. 

This takes about 3 hours.


The fee for the runic initiation is regularly $333, however it is INCLUDED in the Know Thyself bundle. 

f u x a r k w

h n i j y p z s

t b e m l   d o

 Re-connect with the ancient runic tradition 

 to remember your ancestral Magick

If you've read this far, then chances are we've connected in some way. 

You probably resonate with some of the feelings I have shared about here, and maybe at this point you are very curious about what all these systems are about. 

If so, then I must warn you. 

Because when you click on the button below, you are embarking on a journey. 

No matter how much you may have studied yourself, or how deeply you feel you know yourself now, I guarantee you by the end of our time working together you will see yourself in a whole new light. 

And this will lead to death. 

Yes. Death. 

Because once you see who you truly are. And the dance your heart truly desires to dance, there is no going back. The old you, the old habits, the old patterns all must die. 

And then you will be reborn! Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of an inauthentic self, you will find yourself filled with a new FIRE for life. Your dreams will explode forth from the depths of your unconscious, to push forth into the bright light of your awareness. 

And you will have no choice but to move forward on the path of your destiny. 

However, you should also know, it will be fun. 

When I finally decided to drop all the pretenses, all the expectations, all the programs and start to live out my personal destiny... the world made way for me. 

AND I started to experience JOY again. 

I hadn't felt joy since I was little kid. 

It felt soooo amazing to just be my true self. And that's why I've created this offer for you now. So you can experience what I have experienced.


So you can feel the freedom of self empowerment grounded in knowledge of self. 

You won't need to worry about believing in yourself anymore, because you will KNOW yourself, your gifts and how they will benefit the universe and the gods. 

So, if you are ready and committed to doing this with me now.


Find a time which works for you, and pay the $297 fee through PayPal, knowing it is an investment in yourself, and let's make some magic! 

Click the big, beautiful, transformative and powerful button below which will take you to my scheduling app, choose a time, make your investment and let's do this!

 Are you ready NOW To Take Action 

 Towards What You Truly Want??