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Truth  against the  world

Imagine having an owners manual for your energetic system.

And by owners manual I mean knowing EXACTLY what type of person you are, and how you can best interact with others to facilitate maximum flow and ease in all your endeavors. 

This will empower you to formulate a solid strategy based on the type of person you are, guiding you into living in alignment with the path which will give you the best results, and ultimately your joy.  

Human design provides all this and much more. 

In fact, human design can also provide you with a powerful and deep understanding of why you do what you do and what consequences you will suffer by living out of alignment with your design. (This gives you a simple self-correcting mechanism to put you back on track if and when you don't honor your design. It works.) 

Based on astrology, the I-Ching Chinese wisdom system and pure divine inspiration, human design is a gift to humanity. 

When I first discovered my design, suddenly my whole life made sense. 

I was able to start living in alignment with my strategy, I understood my purpose and I was able to connect with others in the way that best served both of us. 

And on top of that I was able to start showing up for others and giving my unique gifts in a way they would actually be received! (Imagine that!) 

In this reading we will go into depth on your entire blueprint using the brilliantly designed human design mandala. You will leave this session with a profound sense of having discovered your true identity, and purpose explained in a modern fashion.


Here's a small glimpse into what you will discover during this reading:  

  • What type of profile you have (Projector, Generator, Manifestor, Manifesting Generator or Reflector) 

  • What your unique strengths are based on the type of profile you have (This will reveal how you can show up in alignment with your highest expression of yourself) 

  • The strategy for how to approach life based on the type of profile you have 

  • Why you need to start living in alignment with your strategy NOW and what you stand to lose if you don't follow it 

  • The "not self" theme that shows up when you aren't living in alignment with the strategy your design dictates for you (This is where all your self-inflicted negative emotions and challenging experiences arise from, it can also explain why you feel frustrated, bitter or angry 

  • Your definition and how it will determine whether you feel complete on your own, or why you might always feel like you need someone else to complete you (AND how to get this "completion" of your channels, without jumping into relationships and "using" other people)

  • Your incarnation cross and how it directs your path and actions in this life (this is an extremely clear description of your dharma, and your unique gifts

  • The biggest way you might be self-sabotaging based off your human design (These can literally cripple your ability to make progress in life, and keep you stuck in cycles for decades unless you know how to deal with yourself effectively) 

And much more. 

This process takes about an hour. The fee for this session is $108.

 Discover The Most Advanced  System 

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