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Truth  against the  world

  My Name Is Jonathan Elijah Bowes, and... 




Most people call me Elijah. 

I created Dragons' Truth to provide proper knowledge and practices to help humanity to rediscover the art of magic, and the magic of art, in connection with the spirit of our divine origin. 

I am an artist, musician, magician, healer, a creator of Love, guardian of Freedom and speaker of Truth. 

The teachings of the Vedics, the Vitki, the Druids, the Djedi and the western magickal tradition flow through my metaphysical DNA. 

Most importantly I am a FREE MAN! 

See for most of my life I lived as a slave. To beliefs. To others. To gods. 

After a lifetime of selling my soul out, that I found myself dying to live. 

So I jumped into the flames, and let myself go. 

Washing way the ashes, breathing crisp clean air, planting my feet on the earth and setting my sights on the stars, I got to work. 

I met my Self, and learned of The Laws. 

And so The Great Work began anew once again. 

Now, I create art to awaken artists and free souls. 

I share system mechanics of gnosis, shared with me by the sages of the ages. 

My work here is simple: 



What power? 

Why, the power to give birth to a universe my friend. 


The power to master your role in the solar system, the galactic system, and ultimately the universal system. 





Each act you take is a brushstroke on the canvas of time.

Every act matters. 

Art creates culture. Culture creates beliefs. Beliefs create decisions. Decisions create actions. Actions create results.

Results are reality. 


We are all here now collectively painting on the same canvas. Weaving myths and dreams into consciousness to form the fabric of our experience. 


Every single act you take creates a branch in time, and steers the entire universe towards a potential outcome. Impacting the ENTIRE universe!

Let that sink in.

Now... How's that for immense power? 

My work with you activates the codes of creativity and accesses the energy of eternal inspiration so you can know thyself, master thyself and express thyself in your highest and fullest expression. 

Because only if enough of us magi "wake up" and seize back our i-magi-nation, we will be able to consciously create the reality of our dreams.


Whether You Know IT Or Not, You Are An Artist



As every morally mature person recognizes the universe has laws, eternal laws set in place by the creator and we have the choice to live work with them, or break ourselves to pieces against them. 

It took me many years of struggling against my own moral compass before I finally grew up enough to decide to work with the laws instead of struggling against them. 

And this is the distinction I draw between sorcery and magic. 

Sorcery is mis-using the will in violation of cosmic law, ignoring the rights of others to get what your ego wants. 


Magic is aligning one's will with the will of the creator. Respecting the rights of others and working to create a better reality for both the self, the collective, and the cosmos. 

Right now, we're dealing with the karmic results of millions of people over thousands of years choosing to not deal with their karma.  As a species we've been passing our issues off to the next generation, with NO concept of stewardship or honor. 


That's why we have plastic poisoning our water and pollution choking up our lungs. It's why the trees cry out and the oceans are in open revolt. 

How do we fix it?


It's how we change the world. 

And it starts inside. 

Re-learning to trust our own moral compass. To follow our soul.


To fight for Truth, Love and Freedom. To remember Natural Law.   

As simple as it might sound, we need to learn to always do the right thing, even if it's the hardest thing in the world AND we need to develop the power of our will to be strong enough that our actions create significant change. 

Furthermore, we must spread this magicians code in a world gone mad. 


We must spread the knowledge of natural law. 

Sharing this knowledge is the Great Work Of The Ages.

So let me ask you... are you ready...?

This Is The MAgician's Code



Do what thou Love

Will With Respect

For the sake of very other human, all the plants, animals, gods, goddesses, angels and of course your own soul. 


We ALL need you to be following your destiny right now.  

Because your destiny is the dream your soul desires to dream. And only when you are doing your part, and pulling your weight will we see anything like what we need to witness here on this planet. 

Your destiny is what you LOVE to do... and it's 100% uniquely coded for you.

There is no "one size fits all" spiritual panacea available. 


We are all unique, with blood codes, soul codes, our personal planetary templates, our karma and our dharma. 

Which is why the process of dancing the dance, and realizing the dream of your destiny will be a highly personal experience. 

My role here is simply to share with you what I have learned, and point you in the direction of discovering this Truth for yourself. 

I am here as a guide, a friend and a mentor. 

I aim to inspire, empower, encourage and love you as you make strides along the journey of life. 

Now you have a choice to make. 

To get to know me, and my teachings more, you can go look at my art, read my writings, or watch my videos. 

Or if you're ready now, if you feel my heart, and trust what I am saying then I'd like to invite you to take action now and allow me to share my gifts with you. 

Click the big, inviting button below to take the first step, and I'll see you on the next page. 

Rejoice & Be Free, 

Jonathan Elijah Bowes